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Executive Search and Placement Methodology

We facilitate a meeting with key company executives to gain insights, perspectives and a thorough understanding of the issues, environment, job expectations and candidate qualifications required. We review the results of this meeting with the position’s immediate supervisor and finalize the content of the position and the candidate profile. We then determine a compensation package.

Execution Phase
The candidate specifications are communicated to all our offices so every consultant can contribute to candidate identification by networking with their personal contacts. An audit of both our industry contact database and a comprehensive external database is conducted for candidate identification.

A lead consultant is assigned. Normally this is someone who has an established relationship with the client or who is responsible for developing the client. The lead consultant personally interviews all prospective candidates and is responsible for all client communications. Candidates who meet the position and candidate profiles are subject to additional due diligence activities, including personal background and professional experience verification through references and our own industry contacts.

Upon placement, it is our policy to follow up with both the supervisor and the individual placed to ensure a smooth transition into the position.

All our placements are guaranteed for up to one year. We specialize in the restaurant, foodservice, hospitality and retail industries and have been conducting successful searches in this arena for over forty years. All our consultants are former senior-level executives from various segments and disciplines, from small entrepreneurial companies to billion-dollar brands. We absorb all routine expenses related to the assignment.

Any projected extraordinary expenses, such as consultant travel on behalf of the client, are approved in advance.

The Wray Search Advantage
Our experienced professionals understand the importance of aligning client needs with the skills, competencies, styles, and motivations of candidates. We are vested in the process and in the ultimate success of each candidate placed. Our focus is on building teams to cultivate, lead and drive profitable best-of-class companies.

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