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Viewpoint - July 2018

The Compelling Qualities of Great Leaders

By Bob Gershberg, CEO & Managing Partner, Wray Executive Search One of the most gratifying aspects of what I do for a living, is spending time with the greatest leaders in our industry. Observing how they think, plan, empower and execute is truly something to behold. The skills they have honed, the confidence they exude, the compassion they show, their laser focus and proven resilience is often remarkable. Most are strategic but remember how to be tactical and show strength on both sides of the EQ/IQ equation. We are often charged with identifying future leaders and hence spend quite a bit of time contemplating the qualities and attributes of great leaders. Some of the most compelling are as follows:

  1. Honesty and Integrity – Leadership success is not attainable without these attributes. Great leaders stick to their values and core beliefs. Integrity fosters trust.

  2. Vision – Leaders must have a clear idea of where they are going and what they want to accomplish.

  3. Confidence – In order to gain the trust and respect for those to follow, showing confidence and assertiveness is essential.

  4. Passion – Passion for the product, passion for the goals, passion for success yields widespread engagement.

  5. Empathy – Empathy enables a leader to understand internal and external stakeholders and their respective behaviors.

  6. Courage – The strength to take risks with no guarantee of success requires courage. Winston Churchill considered courage the foremost of virtues.

  7. Empowerment – A leader must delegate and empower appropriately and supportively to unleash the talents of their followers.

  8. Accountability – A great leader takes more than his/her share of the blame and a bit less than his/her share of the credit. Great leaders find the balance between business foresight, performance, and character. They have vision, courage, integrity, humility, and focus along with the ability to plan strategically and inspire cooperation amongst their team. Great leaders are not born, they are developed. If you are charged with leading, lead well! All the best,

Bob Gershberg | CEO | Managing 875-9993 ext 102 Finding tomorrow’s leaders today! ——

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