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Exclusive Services

Today’s candidates are often tomorrow’s clients, and mutual trust is built by creating lasting relationships. The Wray Group is the bridge to an essential network for successful executives in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry. Become a part of our hospitality industry career network to gain the competitive edge you need to build an advanced career that offers rewarding challenges, personal and professional development, and access to others who share your passion.

Advance my Career

For more on advanced career options we offer, please read the following sections: Executive Talent, About Executive Recruitment and Executive Search and Placement. Although directed to our clients, each link contains valuable information about how we help you advance your career with the best restaurant and hospitality jobs available. Also, read the Hiring process for more valuable information.

Advance Your Career – The Process

We want every candidate to know right from the start that our goal is to find the best fit between the job opportunities offered by our clients and the candidates we recommend. We understand how important this is to advance your career. Therefore, we honestly give you as much information as we have at the time about the company, the specific opportunity available, and your status in the hiring process. With that said, we respect your decisions, too, because ultimately you are the one who has to live with those decisions.


Your confidentiality is guaranteed; under no circumstances do we send your resume anywhere without your expressed prior permission. We respect you by returning phone calls and e-mails as promptly as possible, regardless of circumstances.

The best relationships enjoy a “give and take” offering and we expect from you the utmost in honesty and integrity. We expect you to deal with us in a straightforward manner, and to advise us if your job search or circumstances change. We expect you to return our calls and to provide information as necessary. We expect you to consult with us and remain open to our input on issues in which we have notable expertise, such as interview preparation.

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