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Viewpoint - December 2019

Building a Championship Team

by Bob Gershberg, CEO/Managing Partner, Wray Executive Search

A great management team will generate exponential impact in leading and rallying the troops around a clear strategic vision. They are fully aligned and acutely aware of the skills and capabilities across the team.  They are well positioned to maintain a broad read on the true state of the organization. To function as a high performing team, they must be aligned on strategy and be relentless in the drive for excellence.

There is no way to succeed without appreciating your team members’ unique strengths. Teams are made of individuals with contrasting temperaments, talents, and skills.  Building a successful team is about balancing people’s tendencies toward autonomy and social connection. Doing so successfully allows for creative tension, unlocks motivation, and promotes teams which adapt creatively to new challenges. Capitalize on qualities employees value the most—trust, freedom, and play—in order to build a high-performing and innovative organization.

Seek out potential stars in your organization that have high standards and want to contribute where they can have real impact. Look for those who embrace debate. When handled civilly, disagreements can bring cohesion to teams. Concentrate on those who are not afraid to contribute to a conversation, but also possess good listening skills. When assembling a team, look for those with high EQ - emotional intelligence. A person who can perceive, control, evaluate, and express emotions brings volumes to the party.

Welcome diversity. Include team members of different ages, genders and races who have different backgrounds and strengths. Always seek those who are committed to doing their best every day.

When building great teams, handpick those who consistently focus on what’s best for the company rather than their own individual goals. Choose team members who will value and maintain a work-life balance. If they are going to work hard for the company, they will need to devote equal time to their families and social lives.

It may sound basic, but this is always the burning question, “Where are we going and how are we going to get there?” You’ll need a set of values, behaviors and cultural guardrails so that everybody knows how to work together. It is incredibly important for leaders to set a tone, and model the behavior, that everyone will respect one another. Remember loyalty abets loyalty.

And now for the shameless plug…...If you are struggling to build a championship team, remember we have done it for 50 years…. just sayin’!

All the best,

Bob Gershberg |CEO|Managing Partner|

(888) 875-9993 ext. 102

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