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Partnering with CORE - July 2023

Why Partnering with CORE is a Win for Your Brand As an Executive, you know how important it is to maintain a positive brand image, keep your team engaged and motivated, and attract new talent. One way to achieve these goals is by partnering with a non-profit organization that provides full financial transparency, turn-key resources, and provides a low-risk, high-return partnership – such as CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees.  CORE is an industry-focused cause and a direct provider of financial grants to food & beverage operations employees with children when the employee, their child, or partner is faced with a health crisis or natural disaster. Nearly one in three U.S. adults say that they cannot cover an unexpected expense of $400 or more, and currently, medical costs are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in our country. When life does not go as planned a CORE grant can make a positive difference to keep a family in their home, keep the lights on, place food on the table, or fill a much-needed prescription. Partnering with CORE has many benefits for your brand. It shows your customers and stakeholders that you are committed to positively impacting the community and industry. This exhibits your company is socially responsible, which is a major selling point for many customers. In addition, partnering with CORE can be a wonderful benefit for your team. Research shows that 70% of employees want to work for a company that embraces purpose. Many employees today are looking for meaning at work beyond their paycheck, and partnering with a non-profit provides a sense of fulfillment. Operators that support CORE tell us that their partnership builds employee pride and morale. The employees are aware that with their help, they are raising funds to help our industry’s children, their coworkers, and are positively impacting the food & beverage industry. Understanding that adding a new partnership onto your plate can be daunting, CORE has made it effortless and turn-key with pre-created resources and support. Additionally, CORE highly values transparency when it comes to donor funding. We take pride in being open and honest about where each dollar goes and how it directly helps families in our industry. Now is the perfect opportunity to discuss partnering as we are preparing for our Q4 campaign launch called “Serving Up Hope”, a nationwide initiative that honors the hard work of food and beverage operations employees who serve us daily. “Serving Up Hope" aims to unite the industry and the millions of customers it serves. Operators and suppliers can participate in this industry focused campaign, show appreciation, and raise funds to help those that face life altering circumstances and qualify for a grant. Alongside “Serving Up Hope” is the “Wall of Hope” – a nationally recognized and promoted landing page, showcasing companies who have committed to supporting our industry. A partnership with CORE is a win-win for your brand and your team. By building a reputation as a socially responsible company and giving your employees a sense of purpose, you can create a more engaged and motivated workforce while also making a positive impact within the food & beverage industry. If you are ready to leverage working with a great cause that will benefit your F&B operation or F&B customers and are interested in showcasing your company on the Wall of Hope reach out to CORE’s Executive Director, Sheila Bennett at to learn more about the campaign or how you can support our work.   Together we can serve up hope for restaurant employees with children in the industry we all serve. Sources:

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