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Attitude of Resilience by Bill Grimm

New motivational business book teaches readers how to thrive

Attitude of Resilience

Bill Grimm

ISBN: 979-8-8229-1399-8


Hot off the press for businesspeople looking for effective methods of building success, Attitude of Resilience shares the best tips for achieving goals and realizing ambitious dreams. Written by the charismatic and acclaimed businessman, Bill Grimm, Attitude of Resilience gives readers an easy-to-follow guidebook for building a foundation for success.


Bill Grimm did not have the easiest or most nurturing childhood. Growing up, Grimm encountered many obstacles he had to learn to overcome. His transformation from a child with a difficult upbringing to a businessman negotiating multi-million-dollar deals did not happen overnight. Grimm spent a large portion of his adolescence and young adult life learning the lessons that would propel him to success in the future. He now shares his strategies with readers so that they too can learn to build a long and successful career. In Attitude of Resilience, Grimm shares how to create a business concept, how to roll with the waves of change, how to master sales skills, and so much more.


Attitude of Resilience is the perfect pick for any businessperson looking to build long-term success. Grimm’s easy-to-understand guide can help readers from all walks of life make a critical change in attitude that will enable them to rise above the competition. Readers who would like to cultivate their mental fortitude will appreciate the book’s core messages.


Attitude of Resilience is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


About the Author

Bill Grimm has led a two-decade career in business development, project management, leasing, and acquisitions. The people who know him will tell you he has incredible charisma and extraordinary leadership skills. He has used those talents to become the nationwide #1 salesperson for a Fortune 500 company and franchise several multimillion-dollar companies internationally as well as domestically. He has served on several boards of directors and been a keynote speaker at influential events as well as a Chief Operating Officer for Cannery Row Company.



Bill Grimm

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