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Move That Search Along, Quickly!

Move That Search Along, Quickly!


Tom Rollert, Vice President of Culture Integration, Wray Executive Search If you do an excellent job of telling us who your ideal candidate is, we’ll find him or her in short order. That is the reason you pay an executive search firm.  On the other hand, if you begin the process with a vague idea of who your organization is looking for, we can succeed at that, as well, but you’ll probably have to wait a while. All search firms have horror stories about what seemed to be a straightforward search that almost turned into a career.  We accuse ourselves of all kinds of shortcomings when a search goes on longer than reasonable, but it often boils down to a lack of congruity between what the client wants and what the client tells us they want.  At Wray, we pride ourselves on being attentive and empathetic, but that doesn’t mean we have the ability to read minds.  I’m not complaining, just pointing out a reality.  Let's look at some ways to guard against what I refer to as PSS (Prolonged Search Syndrome)? When working with a retained search firm, here are a few pointers to aid in focusing a search so you end up with dynamite candidates in the shortest period:

  1. Examine successful individuals in your organization and, as objectively as possible, create a list for the recruiter of traits, skills, and temperaments that enabled their success. A solid candidate will be one who displays similar characteristics.

  2. Closely examine the job description. Does it accurately define the actual position?  Is it current with where your organization is currently?   If necessary, we will be happy to re-craft the description with you to ensure the position is defined accurately.  Let’s be sure we’re searching for today’s hero who will achieve enhanced results.

  3. Supply the recruiting firm with a solid package of information about your organization. We’re not talking about sensitive insider information, rather, we’re looking for no-nonsense reasons why someone would be attracted to your organization to the point they would be willing to leave where they are currently successful and risk it all with you.

  4. Commit to moving quickly when a candidate is presented for your consideration. If more information is required, ask and it will be provided quickly.  We’re looking for a yes/no decision concerning possible next steps to keep the candidate engaged or to let him or her off the hook.  Protracted waiting at this stage sends a poor message to those accustomed to being taken seriously.

  5. Be as precise as possible when telling us why a candidate is NOT a fit and we won’t do that again. We learn a great deal from these discussions and it will be to your benefit. In short, your success is our success.  Our job is to ensure neither of us experiences PSS. All the best,

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