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Executive Recruitment in Restaurant, Foodservice, Hospitality, Franchise & Retail

We provide executive recruitment in restaurant, foodservice, hospitality, franchise, and retail; however, we are generalists in terms of discipline. We have substantial exposure and a significant professional network. Every consultant has served as an executive general manager in various segments of the industry. Our combined executive recruitment experience provides broad-based, cross-functional expertise to help you get the people you need for your business vision to reach fruition.

Finding the right leader for the right position at the right time is a complex challenge best met with the assistance of a firm that has a proven track record of success. Since 1972, Wray Executive Search has been a leader in executive recruitment for our target industry. As the premier provider of executive recruitment in C-level and middle management sectors, we provide full-service strategic partnership to our clients.

As executive recruitment specialists, our focus is on executive-level positions in varied disciplines, allowing our associates to concentrate solely on senior executives to deliver the best executive recruitment solutions for our clients’ leadership requirements. Our objective is to develop a long-term relationship that encourages a strategic partnership.

Our culture is collaborative; when you engage a Wray consultant, you get the entire Wray Team behind your executive search. We use a retention-focused recruitment methodology, identifying the best candidates by learning everything we can about them, from their skills and personality to what motivates them and drives them to succeed.

Using this executive recruitment methodology, we can decide how well a candidate aligns with your corporate goals and cultural and competency requirements. This comprehensive approach has made us one of the best specialist recruitment agencies available, helping you in finding tomorrow’s leaders today.

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