Why a Retained Search?

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On a contingency basis, even though you may have a lot of recruiters looking for candidates, it is a lottery. Each contingency recruiter is going to send you who they have in their files that may or may not be close to your specifications. In the contingency business, speed of service rather than quality of service is key. With every additional recruiter on the assignment, each contingency firm gets more cautious about their investment of time and money into the assignment because the risk-reward ratio gets worse.

Under a retained search, we “head hunt” for the right candidate who is best suited to your job specifications and work environment. We will provide you with a limited pool of qualified candidates from which you can make your selection. If, by chance, the “right” candidate is not in that initial pool, you are guaranteed continuing search activity on the assignment until it is completed regardless of our cost.

Clearly, it is advantageous to choose retained search and gain the assurance of commitment.

Selecting a quality executive search firm such as Wray Executive Search for the following reasons further minimizes your risk:

  • 50 years of experience in the business.
  • ONE-YEAR guarantee on all placements.
  • Active search and recruitment of passive candidates.
  • Use of our industry contacts to source referrals for top or emerging talent.
  • Search and recruit from direct competitors or comparable companies.
  • Complete focus on their search instead of working on several openings.
  • Search and recruit candidates that match our client’s specifications.
  • In-depth initial candidate conversation and screening to ensure. This saves our clients time in the interview process.