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Viewpoint - November 2018

Innovative Leadership is Imperative

By Bob Gershberg, CEO & Managing Partner, Wray Executive Search To succeed in our competitive environment, we must show an unwavering commitment to innovation. A recent McKinsey report found that 84% of corporate executives believe innovation is the key to achieving growth objectives. Having the right leadership in place with the capacity to drive an organization to embrace innovation is mission critical. Transformational leadership talent is the key to keeping pace with advancing technology and customers’ ever-changing demands. Innovative companies choose leaders who display excellent strategic vision and communicate their vision for the future. These leaders need to remain steadfast in doing what is right for an organization and its customers. Creating a climate of reciprocal trust and high accessibility is essential. Inspiring and motivating through action will raise the tides of the entire organization. Identifying, assessing and recruiting these capabilities in the C-suite will drive innovation across all levels of an organization. In a leadership article for the Harvard Business Review, Ron Ashkenas and Brook Manville profess that the fundamentals of leadership haven’t changed. The best leaders with the greatest impact almost always deploy these six classic fundamental practices: 1. Uniting people around an exciting, aspirational vision 2. Building a strategy for achieving the vision by making choices about what to do and what not to do 3. Attracting and developing the best possible talent to implement the strategy 4. Relentlessly focusing on results in the context of the strategy 5. Creating ongoing innovation that will help reinvent the vision and strategy 6. “Leading yourself”: knowing and growing yourself so that you can most effectively lead others and carry out these practices.

Companies must recurrently innovate to succeed. They need to develop key competencies for innovative leaders and effective approaches to acquire and retain the right talent to bring the mission to fruition. Lead well! All the best,

Bob Gershberg | CEO | Managing 875-9993 ext 102 Finding tomorrow’s leaders today! ——

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