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CORE Update - Sheila Bennett - July 2022

CORE Update

by Sheila Bennett, Executive Director, CORE Inc.: Children of Restaurant Employees

Operators – CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees is a national non profit that serves our industry. They provide financial grants to employees with children when either the employee that works in your operation, their spouse or child faces a health crisis, death or natural disaster.  At a time where we all seek ways to provide benefits and resources for the employees that bring our brands to life – CORE is here to serve you.  They were founded and funded in the early years by suppliers in the beverage industry who wanted to help our industry’s children.

Sheila Bennett stepped in as Executive Director right before the pandemic changed our world. She has led the organization to forge meaningful partnerships and help employees that qualify for a grant in all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico. They would like to partner with operators and suppliers to provide CORE as a resource and drive funding to help more employees.   As their visibility increases, grants have increased from receiving .5 apps a day to 4.1. This July they average 6.4 apps a day.

84% of grants are due to a health crisis and more than 50% of grantees are single parents, mostly Mom’s. An average grant is $2,400 and may cover housing, utilities, some medical expenses, childcare, funds for basic necessities and more. Each grant is unique and based on the need of the family. They require documentation and are a valuable resource in our industry.

They will conduct a national Serving Up Hope campaign this November to bring the industry together and raise funds for employees that serve us everyday.  They offer resources to help.  Suppliers and operators can collaborate on product promotions, bounce back offers. Suppliers consider an employee giving campaign with a match or become a CORE partner to help more families.

To learn more or partner with this organization, visit:  or contact Sheila directly:

We are an industry that serves our communities. This is an opportunity to come together and help our own.

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