Viewpoint — November 2017

Potential trumps experience… a paradigm shift?
by Bob Gershberg, CEO/Managing Partner Wray Executive Search

Bob Gershberg, Managing Partner/CEO Wray Executive Search

As business becomes more complex and the global talent pool gets ever tighter, the success indicators used in talent search are changing. In years past, physical prowess and strength were the leading attributes required. Intelligence, experience and past performance became the next group of essential requirements. Our testing focused on IQ, verbal, analytical and mathematical to determine fit. Specific competencies were at the forefront of the subsequent shift. Emotional intelligence trumped IQ in leadership roles.

As rapid change, volatility, and ambiguity dominate the global landscape in all industries, the skills and competencies that yielded success yesterday, may well not tomorrow. Suddenly, the potential to learn new skills may indeed, be more important than those previously honed. The talent pool for the rising executive, ages 35 to 45 is seeing unprecedented demand while by virtue of demographics, shrinking rapidly. Recognizing potential will dominate the focus of talent search and assessment, both internal and external during the next decade. 

In order to determine potential, we must concentrate on motivation, insight, engagement, curiosity and determination. The ability to adapt may become a key metric. The commitment to excel is paramount. And smart will never be out of favor.

Hiring, developing and retaining top talent takes great effort. Values ought to always remain critical. Hire well. Constantly develop your team. Retain only “A” players. Remain passionate and drive it. The path to glory is within reach.

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