Viewpoint — March 2015

If Charged with Leading - Lead Well!
by Bob Gershberg, Managing Partner/CEO Wray Executive Search

Bob Gershberg, Managing Partner/CEO Wray Executive Search

As we roll steadily through 2015 with improved perspective on the economy and a bit stronger overview of the restaurant industry, growing our businesses is the mission of choice.  The only proviso - grow them wisely!  The movement of many highly regarded industry CEOs of late has heightened our attention to the art of building the team. And as is the case with so many aspects of the restaurant business, developing the team is clearly an art as well as a science.

Great leaders develop a distinctive culture in short order creating a trickle down which is something to behold.  Passion begets passion as momentum trumps challenge.  The magic of growth propels an organization to levels of incredible accomplishment when the team is in sync.  Our industry is flush with folks who are at their very best when they've a bit more on their plates than one can typically handle.  Building the team so as to stay a touch ahead of the growth without creating unwarranted fiscal pressure and worse yet human complacency is a balancing act only the best can master. 

People are our greatest asset.  We are well advised to match talent to the required competencies and skill sets, but greatness is attained when we fit those who share the vision, embrace the mission and grow with us each day.  Be mindful of the fact that people like what they are good at and are good at what they like.  Give them the power to soar!

I recently asked a CEO of a national company which was rapidly losing its luster and regularly experiencing declining comps, "When was the last time your team high-fived each other at the end of a weekly meeting?" The question, though not intended to be rhetorical remained unanswered. 

If you are charged with leading…..lead well!


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